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Take 10 Pools is proud to be Mesa’s Top Rated Local® pool cleaning company. A dirty pool can be both off-putting and hazardous to your health, so let us handle your pool cleaning needs! Hiring a professional pool cleaning company allows you to enjoy your pool without having to spend your free time handling chemicals and test strips. When you hire our pool cleaning experts, you can rest assured that every corner of your pool will be inspected and thoroughly cleaned. Our knowledgeable and experienced staff will perform all of the following tasks to ensure that your pool remains cool, comfortable, and aesthetically appealing:

  • Surface Cleaning and Leaf Cleaning
  • Step, Wall, and Floor Vacuuming and Brushing
  • Pump and Skimmer Basket Clearing
  • Equipment Inspections and Testing
  • Water Inspection and Balancing
    • Chlorine and Other Pool Chemical Maintenance
    • Cyanuric Acid (Conditioner)
    • Alkalinity
    • Water Hardness
    • pH Level (Acid and Soda Ash)

Don’t settle for a dirty pool – contact Mesa’s Top Rated Local® pool cleaning company for an appointment today!

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