As Arizona residents ourselves, we’re acutely aware of how important it is to have a working pool. Whether you’re running a popular commercial pool or you enjoy jumping into your residential pool after a long day of work, you need to ensure that you’re jumping into clean and refreshing water, especially when we enter the hottest months of the year.

No matter where you live or how often your pool is used, pool cleaning can quickly become a burdensome and time-consuming task. Your pool is there to help you cool off and relax, and making time to check every box on your pool maintenance to-do list can easily take an entire day!

At Take 10 Pools, our mission is to help you keep your pool’s water clean, refreshing, and safe for anyone who dives in. Our pool cleaning experts can help you with any of the following services, and more:

  • Surface skimming: Your pool filter is designed to collect leaves, insects, and other debris from the surface of your pool, but it can’t collect everything at once. Our pool service experts will help you keep every inch of your water clear and safe for swimming!
  • Leaf netting: If your property has trees, then you’re almost certainly familiar with how difficult it can be to keep the leaves out of your water. Even if you use a pool cover whenever the area is not in use, leaves are bound to make their way in when you are using the pool. Instead of taking time out of your busy day to clear your pool after each use, let our pool cleaners take care of the hard work for you!
  • Vacuuming: Pool vacuuming is part of proper pool maintenance, but that doesn’t mean that it’s an easy task. Even if your pool is relatively small, vacuuming the entire space can take a significant amount of time. If you’re tired of dedicating time in your day to pool vacuuming, then get in touch with us to request a quote for your home. We can thoroughly vacuum your pool’s walls, steps, and floor!
  • Brushing: Pool brushing is one of the most important aspects of pool maintenance. No matter how many chemicals or preventative measures you take, algae can accumulate on your pool’s walls and floor. In addition to creating unsanitary conditions, algae can discolor your pool and lead to even more costs in the future. Our pool brushing services will keep your pool clean, safe, and beautiful!
  • Skimmer basket and pump clearing: It’s important to clean your pool’s skimmer and pump baskets regularly. The pump is designed to pull water from the pool into the skimmer, and the skimmer is designed to clean leaves, insects, sunblock, and other contaminants before they can settle at the bottom of your pool.
    • Though these are two of the most important components of any pool, many homeowners forget to clean and maintain them. If you’re tired of clearing your skimmer basket and pool pump, or if you haven’t had time in your schedule for this essential pool maintenance, then we invite you to contact us to learn more about our affordably priced pool cleaning services.
  • Chemical testing: The chemicals in your pool are your first line of defense against algae, bacteria, and other harmful contaminants. It’s important to test and balance your chemicals daily or weekly, depending on how frequently you use your pool. We can help you test the calcium hardness, pH level, alkalinity, and more!

Each of these tasks is a vital component of maintaining a clean pool. You don’t want your pool to begin growing algae, and you certainly don’t want anyone to get sick after jumping in. If you don’t see a cleaning service you need in the list above, then please get in touch with a member of Take 10 Pools! We’ll work to accommodate your needs and provide you with the exceptional customer service you deserve.