The weather here in Mesa is still climbing to more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit, but we’ll be dipping down to the mid-60s and low 70s by the middle of October and early November. The transition from summer to fall will require you to maintain your pool in slightly different ways, so in today’s post, we’ll provide you with a few tips that can help you prepare your pool for fall.

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How to Prepare Your Pool for Fall

Consider Your Options

The first thing you need to consider is whether or not you will be using your pool throughout the year. While many residential pool owners throughout the United States will have already drained their pools for the season, Mesa pool owners have a bit more flexibility due to the warm climate. While December, January, February, and even March can be a bit chilly compared to the blistering hot temperatures we experience during the summer, many residential pool owners find it enjoyable to keep their pools running throughout the year. If your pool has a built-in heater, or if you’re comfortable swimming in the cooler weather, then continue reading to learn how to keep it running optimally.

Keep Up With Pool Cleaning 

With the temperatures slowly dropping day by day, you’ll probably find yourself having to make time for pool cleaning more and more frequently as the trees around your pool change colors and begin to shed their leaves. You’ll probably be using a pool cover whenever you’re not planning on jumping in, but even this may not be enough to keep those pesky leaves from making their way into your pool. We recommend taking the time to skim the surface of your pool and clean out the filter whenever you can. You may also want to vacuum and brush the bottom of your pool to clean any organic matter that may have built up during the summer.

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Keep the Water Balanced

As a general rule of thumb, you won’t need as much chlorine during the fall and winter as you do in the spring and summer. You probably won’t be jumping in quite as much during the fall and winter, so adapt your chlorinating schedule accordingly. You will want to maintain a good water balance, however, and the colder temperatures can affect your chemical levels and water balance in slightly different ways. In light of these facts, check the following levels just as you do during the warmer months:

  • pH
  • Alkalinity
  • Calcium
  • Cyanuric acid

If you need help with pool maintenance, we can help! We know that pool cleaning and water maintenance can be a chore, especially as the holiday season approaches. Give our pool service experts a call and we’ll be happy to help you find an effective solution for your pool.

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